Message to Parents.

Thank you for visiting Pastel Special Education! Our goal has always been to ensure children on the autism spectrum receive proper support to help them succeed in life. We would be amiss to not include parents as part of this.

All of our education modules are designed to be applicable to parents, despite using teaching examples. More importantly, we wanted to create this resource to support parents in efforts to positively influence education for their children. Our hope is that parents will be able to go to an educator and direct them to the modules that will benefit their child, fostering a proactive approach to challenges in education.

In terms of content, our choice to focus on teachers for these modules are due to two reasons. The first is need driven, as our initial research when starting this project showed a lack of resources designed for teachers and rising challenges facing education systems globally. The second is due to one of the core principles of our website: understanding the individual. Since parents have a much closer connection to their child, the application of these skills can be better guided by this intuitive understanding of preferences, challenges, and strengths.


How you can help:

There is no way for us to understand and accommodate for all of the experiences of caregivers. That is why we are asking for your help to guide us in our content and website development. If there is an area that you believe are not covered by our modules, please let us know by sending an email to We will try our best to create something to help!

In addition, one of our primary challenges is reaching the right people. If you know friends, family, teachers, colleagues, or others that may benefit from our resources, please consider sharing our website. This helps us reach our goals to benefit the community and gain a user-base to sustain the website.

Thank you,