Pastel Education
Pastel Education
Pastel Special Education provides resources to support education for students on the autism spectrum.

About Us



Pastel Special Education aims to support educators and families with children on the autism spectrum. We understand that teachers and childhood educators strive to provide the highest quality education for their students, and we understand that working with children with autism spectrum disorder can be challenging. We hope to alleviate these challenges and promote supportive interactions through our augmented reality application and educational videos. Our method is to place individuals in the shoes of a child with autism and provide practical skills that can be applied. Through this, we hope to help people understand autism, build empathy, and learn skills to support children.


Letter From Us




My name is Eric and I am the founder of Pastel Special Education. I strongly believe that small actions can make big changes, and that thought is what lead to the creation of the site. My dream is to improve the quality of education for children with autism spectrum disorder. 

A team of autism professionals have worked extra hours to design and help create all the content that is on the site. For each module, the process begins with recommendations and teachings from experts, which are then restructured into curriculum for each video. Following this, additional research is conducted to provide more detailed content, this is then reviewed by professionals, and is finally animated into videos. This way, you can be confident that our content is accurate and verified.

The app was designed to build understanding and empathy. I fully realize that the simulations are limited in certain aspects and may not provide continual value for you. However, if this app can change your perspective and help you to understand challenges others face, our goal is fulfilled.

I hope that through this app and these education modules, we can can understand how to be more supportive and inclusive as a society. I truly hope that you are able to find something valuable on this site. If we have missed something, or can be doing something better, please let me know.

Thank you to everyone who has helped so far, and thank you for visiting this site.