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Pastel Education
Pastel Special Education provides resources to support education for students on the autism spectrum.

Modules Overview

Thank you for taking a look at our modules. Each module is designed to be stand-alone, take less than 45 minutes to complete, and cover topics that we believe to be fundamental to working with children on the autism spectrum. Our goal is to provide you with foundational understanding and practical skills to be implemented within the classroom.

Our goal: provide implementable skills within 45 minutes of education.



Learn the basics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and how sensory challenges are related to ASD. Cover some foundational principles in supporting children on the autism spectrum as recommended by therapists and experts in the field.


Sensory Inclusive settings

Build upon a sensory overload simulation to put yourself in the shoes of a child on the autism spectrum who faces auditory and visual hypersensitivity. Use this understanding to build a framework for identifying students who may face similar challenges and creating inclusive settings.

Extension for the Jarod: Classroom Free-time Overload simulation.


Instructional Communication

Learn about common communication challenges and how they may affect instruction. Gain a variety of communication strategies that are considered best practices by teachers and therapists.

Extension of Michael: Classroom Hypersensitivity and Daniel: Classroom Hyposensitivity 1 simulations.


Supporting Daily Transitions

Understand difficulties that daily transitions can pose. Learn about basic support strategies and expectation management that can make a big difference.



Thank you for visiting our site! We are still working hard to ensure we are providing value for teachers, parents, and the community. It would be great if you signed up for updates, as we will be creating and releasing new modules based on your feedback! Additionally, it helps give us data as to the success of our platform to inform future decisions. 

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Future Decisions

We want to be transparent about the purpose, goals, and future of Pastel Special Education. Currently, we are still in the early stages and working with experts in the field to provide content and modules that we believe to be foundational to teaching children on the autism spectrum. 

In the future, we are looking to monetize the site. Our challenge is to balance this impact with sustainability and scalability. Primarily, we need to cover the costs of creating and maintaining this platform. We are exploring a $2.99 monthly subscription, but we currently do not have enough features and content to justify this - we are more than happy to keep it free until then! If we are fortunate enough to profit off of this platform, we will be donating a portion to local charities in Canada, but it's yet to be decided what this number will be.

For this website, our goal for 2018 is to have 5,000 users. We picked this number fairly arbitrarily, but the thought was that this impact will sustain through the years. Ultimately, we truly believe that if just one child gets better education or social support this entire project will be worth it. That being said, we strive to contribute to positively influencing the life of as many children, families, and educators as possible.

Thank you.